Elena M. Avraamova

avraamovaElena M. Avraamova is the head of the Laboratory of economic behavior and mobility of the population. Prof. Avraamova holds a Doctor’s degree in Economic Sciences.

Prof. Avraamova is an author of over 100 scientific publications in Russian and foreign languages on the issues of socio-economic transformations of the Russian society, social mobility and adaptation of different groups of the population to the changes in the economy and the Russian society.

Prof. Avraamova was a head of multiple research projects funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Foundation for the Humanities, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, etc.

Prof. Avraamova was in charge of many applied studies and works commissioned by the ministries and agencies of the Russian federation.

Prof. Avraamova is a scientific supervisor for doctor’s and candidate’s dissertations and academic degrees (specialization — theory of economic systems management).

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