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Laboratory for population reproduction issues

Head of the laboratory Rybakovsky Oleg Leonidovich, Dr.Sc. (Econ.)


Main research fields:

The laboratory is carrying out fundamental and applied studies in the following directions:

- fertility, mortality, natural increase of population in Russia and its regions in relation to its socio-economic development;

- factors of the fertility and mortality dynamics of the  Russian Federation population;

- issues of the State demographic policy of the  Russian Federation.

The laboratory is conducting examination of the decisions in the sphere of population reproduction, taken by administrative bodies, structures of the legislative and executive power.


Specific directions of research in 2019-2021:

- substantiation of the conceptual directions for improvement of the Russian policy in the sphere of fertility and mortality during the period of sharp population decline ;

- demographic situation in Russian regions, trends and factors of the fertility and mortality of the Russian population and its depopulation.


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