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Laboratory for socio-economic issues of housing and property provision

The head of the Laboratory is Inna M. Shneiderman, Ph.D. (econ.), the author of 126 publications.

 Head of the Laboratory – Schneiderman Inna Mikhailovna, Ph.D. (econ.)

Main research topics

  • Development of new directions of the housing policy in the Russian Federation
  • Housing market in the Russian Federation and Moscow region
  • Housing affordability for population
  • Housing provision of population
  • Construction and renovation of housing stock
  • Quality of housing equipment with amenities
  • Development of alternative forms of improving the housing conditions of population:
  • initiating construction of rental housing network; creation of new forms of the housing construction cooperatives, promotion of sub-urbanization processes, development of low-rise housing construction, examination of the forms of participation of the state and local authorities in providing different population strata with housing.

The issues of providing housing and utility services to Russian families; social and regional differences and the ways to overcome them.

Projects within the frames of fundamental studies:

Impact of the sub-urbanization processes in the area of the RF megacities on the quality and mode of life of the population (budget-funded)

Assessment of the levels of housing provision and affordability to population, and mechanisms for raising them (budget-funded).

Projects funded by grants:

Section “Housing provision” in the Strategy for Development of Moscow till 2025;

Analysis of the impact of socio-economic factors on the demographic dynamics. (Grant of the Russian Foundation for the Humanities No 08-02-00295a);

Analysis of the family structure and assessment of the demographic potential of families in the Russian Federation, economy of its development. (Grant of the Russian Foundation for the Humanities No 08-02-00278a);

Impact of the state policy measures on the socio-economic position of families with children: methods for evaluation and results of the analysis. Grant of the Russian Foundation for the Humanities No 08-02-0083a).

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