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Laboratory of Distributive Relations Issues

Acting Head of the Laboratory – Mairash S. Toksanbaeva, D.S, (econ.)

Main research directions :

Population living standards and their differentiation by the whole population, socio-economic and socio-demographic groups

  • levels, dynamics and differentiation of population incomes;
  • levels, dynamics and differentiation of wages;
  • socio-economic inequality and poverty of population and employees;
  • nutrition characteristics and their differentiation by population groups.

Social security of population and social security in the labor sphere

  • social standards in the sphere of wage distribution;
  • social protection of employees ;
  • social security of population in the sphere of pension provision;
  • social support of the indigent people;
  • social support of the unemployed.

Labor resources, labor force, employment, unemployment, in particular by the RF subjects and social types of households;

  • rates of employment and unemployment, their structure and factors;
  • labor resources, labor force, and the problems of their underutilization;
  • factors of stable employment and personnel turnover;
  • employment by business status and its specifics.
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