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Laboratory for studies of the socio-economic and information development of territories


Head of the laboratory Simagin Yury Alexeyevich, Cand.Sc.(Geogr.), Associate Professor


Directions of research

- socio-demographic and economic behavior of population in Russian megalopolises, medium and small urban settlements, rural settlements;

- demographic development of the Russian Federation territories at the national, regional and municipal levels;

- characteristic of the Russian population structure by education, age/ sex, and settlement;

- financial-economic and social factors affecting the processes of informatization of society in Russia

Research fellows of the laboratory:

- Head of the laboratory Simagin Yury Alexeyevich, Cand.Sc.(Geogr.). Associate Professor;

- chief researcher Vershinskaya Olga Nikolayevna, Dr.Sc. (Econ.);
- chief researcher Patsiorkovsky Valery Valentinovich, Dr.Sc. (Econ.), Professor;
- senior researcher Alexeyeva Olga Alexandrovna, Cand.Sc.(Econ.);
- senior researcher Bestuzheva Oksana Yuvinalievna, Cand.Sc.(Econ.);
- senior researcher Kochkina Elena Viktorovna, Cand.Sc.(Polit.);
- researcher Murtuzalieva Djamilya Djavidovna, Cand.Sc.(Econ.);
- researcher Skvortsova Elena Evgenievna;
- junior researcher Galyuzhin Alexey Yurievich;
- chief laboratory assistant Bychkova Anna Alexeyevna

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