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The Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Institute of Socio-Economic Studies of Population of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISESP RAS) was founded in 1988.

The primary task of the Institute is carrying out fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of socio-economic issues of population.

The research work of the Institute is focused on the following 7 areas:

  • Fundamental research on the issues of population well-being and quality of human capital;
  • Investigation of demographic processes and population health;
  • Development of theoretical and methodological basis for socio-economic measurements and improvement of methodology for analysis and projections of population well-being and quality of life;
  • Study of  distributive relations;
  • Theoretical and empirical studies of the impact of social indicators on demographic dynamics and economic growth;
  • Fundamental and empirical studies of socio-economic inequality by regions and population groups;
  • Conceptual foundations of social state and effective social policy.

The Institute was in different years headed by RAS Corresponding Member, Doctor of Economics, Professor Rimashevskaya Natalia Mikhailovna, Doctor of Economics, Professor Shevyakov Alexey Yurievich.

From 2012 Director of ISESP RAS is Doctor of Sociology, Professor Lokosov Vyacheslav Veniaminovich.

The ISESP research fellows are first-rate specialists in the sphere of economics, sociology, demography, philosophy, medicine, mathematics (50% are Candidates and 30% - Doctors of sciences). The works of Institute have interdisciplinary character.

The Institute has a recognized research school established by RAS Corresponding Member Rimashevskaya N.M. over 25 years ago.

From 1998 ISESP RAS is the founder and publisher of the scientific journal ‘Narodonaselenie’ (Population). On its pages are presented results of the studies conducted by researchers from ISESP and other scientific organizations.

The research results of the Institute serve as the basis of predictive estimates and applied works required by executive and legislative bodies, ministries and agencies. In the past five years there were prepared, submitted and approved over one hundred of analytical papers for the RF Government, Administration of RF President, RF Security Council, State Duma, Federation Council, Moscow city Government, RF Ministry of Health and Social Development, RF Ministry of Economic Development, etc. ISESR RAS researcher elaborated propositions within the frames of such fundamental documents as the Strategy for Socio-Economic and Spatial Development of the city of Moscow till 2025, Priority National Projects, National Programme for Demographic Development, Concept of the State Migration Policy, etc.

In the past five years ISESP researchers published over 1000 works, including 160 monographs, textbooks, reference books, atlases, some of which are presented in full on the website for a free reading by all those who take interest.


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