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Laboratory for migration issues


Head of the laboratory Krasinets Evgeny Semenovich, Cand.Sc. (Econ.)

E-mail: е_к / Tel.: +7(495)755-64-51


Research fellows of the laboratory:

  • Gerasimova Irina Vladimirovna, Cand.Sc. (Econ.), senior researcher;
  • Grishanova Alexandra Georgievna, Cand.Sc. (Econ.), senior researcher;
  • Kornev Mikhail Vasilievich, senior laboratory assistant ;
  • Tyuryukanova Anastasia Andreevna, junior researcher;
  • Shevtsova Tatiana Vasilievna, Cand.Sc. (Econ.), leading researcher.


General information :

The laboratory is conducting fundamental, investigative and applied research on migration issues in relation to the processes of demographic and socio-economic development, as well as expert reviews of the decisions in the migration sphere taken by governmental bodies, structures of legislative and executive power.


Main directions of research:

  • study of migration processes in the context of the national interests of the Russian Federation;
  • investigation of the trends in development of the international labor migration in relation to formation and functioning of labor market;
  • analysis and diagnostics of the actual problems in the sphere of attracting and using foreign labor ;
  • study, assessment and monitoring of the impact of migration processes on the demographic, socio-economic and geopolitical aspects of the country development;
  • theoretical, methodological and empirical study of the issues relating to migration processes regulation .


Grant projects:

  • RFBR grant for 2020-2021. “Demographic and socio-economic implications of migration for solving the strategic tasks of human potential development in Russia and Belarus”. Head of the project: Krasinets E.S., Cand.Sc. (Econ.).
  • RFBR grant for 2020-2022. “Foreign labor in development of the economy of modern Russia”.

Head of the project: Krasinets E.S., Cand.Sc. (Econ.).

RFBR grant for 2017-2019. “Labor migration in the Far East and ensuring labor resources for the territories of advanced socio-economic development”.

Head of the project: Shevtsova T.V. , Cand.Sc. (Econ.)

  • RFBR grant for 2017-2018. “Assessment, consequences and prospects for migration-related cooperation of Russia and Belarus in the processes of integration with the Eurasian Economic Union countries”.

Head of the project: Krasinets E.S., Cand.Sc. (Econ.).

  • RFBR grant for 201 5 -2017. “Labor market sustainability in relation to population migration in modern Russia”.

Head of the project: Krasinets E.S., Cand.Sc. (Econ.).


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